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Welcome to California Mortgage - Your source for mortgage information in California State. Here you'll find information on mortgage brokers, how to obtain a loan, and where to find the best broker for your needs in California.

If you're currently looking for a mortgage broker in California, click here for a comprehensive listing of the states best home loan providers.

Different Types of Mortgages
Not sure what home loan options are available to you? Read the differences between the three most common types of mortgages, the fixed rate mortgage, the adjustable rate mortgage and balloon mortgages.

Traditional vs. Pre-Approved Mortgages
While most home buyers use the more traditional method of trying to obtain a mortgage after drafting an offer for a home, there is a better alternative available to most people - the pre-approved mortgage.

Looking at Your Credit Rating
Your credit rating is the main consideration to lenders when trying to obtain a home loan; your credit, capacity, collateral, and character. Click here for information on what these credit terms really mean.

Finding Mortgage Lenders in California
Click here for a comprehensive directory of different mortgage lenders in the California area.

Reasons for Refinancing
There are many reasons why refinancing your home may be the best financial decision. People generally refinance their home for one or more of these reasons. For more information about refinancing click here

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